3T MRI—Region’s First and Only

May 6th, 2013

The region’s First and Only 3T MRI is now available at Memorial Hospital of Carbondale. You expect clear results from your MRI scan and our new 3T is the most powerful magnet clinically available—capable of delivering crisp, high-quality images that your doctor needs for diagnostic confidence!

Now you can breathe easier knowing that our new 3T MRI has a more spacious opening and a shorter magnet design—creating a more comfortable imaging experience for you!

Power of 3T MRI:
  • Increased comfort for you
  • Strongest clinical magnet available
  • Sharper, clearer images for a more confident diagnosis

In the past, MRI exams have not always been comfortable for patients—particularly those who experience claustrophobia, excessive pain or limited mobility. But now, our new 3T MRI has a larger open bore and a shorter length to help reduce patient anxiety and put you more at ease.

MRI has become one of the fastest growing types of medical diagnostic tests in the United States, due in large part to its ability to provide non-invasive, high-resolution images of soft tissues, bone, fat and muscles and to help in the detection and diagnosis of a variety of health conditions— including orthopedic injuries, breast cancer, neurological disorders and cardiac diseases. MRI works by detecting the water in your body using gentle radiowaves and magnetic pulses—without the need for X-rays or other ionizing radiation.

Appointments at Memorial Hospital of Carbondale

So the next time that you need an MRI, talk with your doctor about scheduling a 3T MRI appointment with the Imaging Department of Memorial Hospital of Carbondale.

To learn more call 866.744.2468 or visit www.sih.net/3TMRI.