Saline County Residents – Heart Care in Your Region has Just Improved

August 5th, 2013

One of the missions of Prairie Heart Institute Southern Illinois Healthcare is to bring expert heart care closer to your home. We’re already working with your local hospitals, Harrisburg Medical Center and Farrell Hospital, to expedite the treatment of severe heart attacks. Now we are taking on the issue of chest pain a step further.

Harrisburg Medical Center is now one of the first hospitals in the region to participate in the Prairie Chest Pain Network. Together, our goal is to significantly reduce the time it takes to diagnose any type of chest pain and deliver the appropriate care locally.

What are the benefits of the Prairie Chest Pain Network to the Patient?

  • Awareness of the importance of rapidly obtaining a diagnosis for chest pain
  • The confidence of knowing your community hospital Emergency Department is ready to provide a chest pain diagnosis
  • The knowledge your local physician will be consulting with a Prairie cardiologist on the final diagnosis of chest pain
  • Immediate access to Prairie Heart Institute Southern Illinois Healthcare

What are the benefits to Harrisburg Medical Center?

  • Prairie Heart Institute developed protocols that address all aspects of emergent cardiac care including severe heart attacks, mild heart attacks, observation and inpatient care
  • Enhanced ability to keep appropriate patients locally and eliminate inappropriate transfers
  • An RN liaison from Prairie Heart Institute Southern Illinois Healthcare to assist with initial and continued education for implementation of protocols
  • Assistance to provide community and professional education for your physicians and local EMS programs.