Tammy’s New Life

September 27th, 2013

My name is Tammy McGowan and two years ago, I was on the verge of dying.

Two years ago, I was 385 pounds, wore a size 7X, and was as wide as a twin sized mattress. I suffered from high blood pressure, diabetes, thyroid disorder, urinary incontinence and depression. And two years ago, my doctor told me I would die within two years if I didn’t completely change my life around.

Soon after, I ran across an ad for New Life Weight Loss Center. I thought, “Lord, if this is my sign, let’s do this.” So I called and got information and attended Dr. Naresh Ahuja’s information seminar. As soon as I left the seminar, I knew exactly what I had to do. He was very detailed about each option and I had made my choice. After the seminar, I went straight to his office and made an appointment to see him.

This was the best choice I could’ve ever made. I immediately started my pre-op diet and I will not lie to you, it was difficult at first, but within a couple of months, I was ready to have my surgery. On February 7, 2011, I had gastric bypass surgery.

The day of my surgery, my diabetes was gone, just from diet and exercise. By the time I left the hospital, my high blood pressure was also gone. Within a couple of months, I had lost 100 pounds and also gotten rid of my thyroid problems. I was able to do more things outside with my daughter and husband.

Today, I am free from all those medical problems that were holding me down. I now weigh 207 pounds and wear a size medium/large shirt and size 11 pants. Wow! What a difference! I owe it all to Dr. Ahuja and New Life Weight Loss Center. I am forever grateful for them and I will continue to thank God for each of them. I have now dedicated my new life to helping others in their weight loss journeys and to help people live new, healthy lifestyles to give them the confidence they need to succeed.

Without New Life Weight Loss Center, I would not be standing here sharing my 180 pound weight loss story with you. Thanks again to Dr. Ahuja and New life Weight Loss Center. May God bless you!

Tammy McGowan, 34 years old, Goreville, IL

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