So you don’t care who reads your CT or MRI results?

December 18th, 2013

Would you hire a chef to fix your car? No, you want a trained mechanic that can identify the problem and get you results. You don’t want someone who thinks they might know what’s wrong with your car and then fixes the wrong thing—costing you both time and money!

It shouldn’t be any different when it comes to having a radiologist review your imaging results from a CT or MRI scan. Your diagnosis is all in the details. What does the picture reveal? The advanced training of a board-certified radiologist gives you a knee CT scan read by a musculoskeletal radiologist and an MRI of your brain reviewed by a neuroradiologist, not a general radiologist. Sure, you could have a general radiologist review your imaging, but why waste crucial time on a diagnosis that may not lead to the best care for you.

Like choosing a mechanic to fix your car,
not all radiologist are the same.

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