Coordinated spine care under one roof

May 28th, 2014

When patients have neck or back pain, the last thing they need is to shuffle from place to place looking for answers. That’s where the SIH Brain & Spine Institute comes in —to coordinate patient care in a way that ensures timely evaluation and accurate treatment.

Typical wait times to see a spine surgeon can be bogged down by non-surgical patients: appropriate patients experience unnecessary delays before surgery, while non-surgical patients may leave without any treatment. But with the help of our staff, patients will:

  • Avoid long wait times before seeing a physician
  • Enjoy a quick, easy referral process
  • Avoid unnecessary office visits
  • Receive timely treatment from the most appropriate Specialist

What we do for patients is ground-breaking: We remove the barriers that might keep them waiting for months to get answers. Patients with an urgent spine condition will have an appointment within a week.

Our collaborative approach includes a team of neurosurgeons, neurologists, interventional pain physicians, physiatrists, nurse navigators, rehabilitation professionals, and other advanced practitioners.

SIH Brain & Spine Institute nurse navigators track each patient’s progress through treatment, while maintaining ongoing communication with the patient and the referring physician.

SIH Brain & Spine Institute

Memorial Hospital of Carbondale Professional Office Building
305 West Jackson Street, Suite 103
Carbondale, IL 62901
618.351.4972 Ext. 66429

Nurse Navigation

Sarah Hendrix, RN and Cindy Courtney, RN are the Nurse Navigators at the SIH Brain & Spine Institute using Priority Consult to conduct patient intake, triage and navigation. Sarah and Cindy’s role as Nurse Navigators is to use the web-based software to manage the patient experience. This involves:

  • Collection of treatment information
  • Coordinating physician review of the medical history
  • Providing patient education
  • Facilitating triage and scheduling with spine specialists

Supporting the provider team by previewing treatments and answering questions with the patient while communicating the patient status in real time with the referring physician.