Losing his Ability to Breathe

June 6th, 2014

Bradley Hagy was in a diving accident many years ago that left him paralyzed from the neck down. But he didn’t let anything slow him down. He was a full-time instructor at SIU. Then one day, he started having difficulty breathing out of his nose. He saw a specialist that diagnosed him with having a “collapsed nasal valve.” Unfortunately, nothing was done to help Bradley. He went for two more years, losing his ability to breathe out of his left nostril and the ability to breathe out of his right nostril was diminishing. He was in so much pain. Finally one day, he made an appointment with Dr. Paul Schalch, an Otolaryngologist at Center for Medical Arts. Dr. Schalch immediately ordered a CT Scan in November of 2011. Dr. Schalch discovered a 2 ¾ inch benign tumor in his nasal/sinus cavity.

When Dr. Schalch gave Bradley the news, Bradley never felt fear. He felt relief and a sense of validation—that he wasn’t crazy. He knew something was wrong and was so happy Dr. Schalch could help him. To add to his sense of relief, Dr. Schalch accommodated Bradley’s teaching schedule. The semester ended on a Thursday and Bradley was in surgery on Friday. The tumor was so large that it ripped his nostril, but Dr. Schalch was able to remove the whole tumor and some little tumors as well. They conducted a biopsy on the mass and it came back benign.

Relationship with Dr. Schalch

From the moment Bradley met Dr. Schalch, he felt confident and at ease. Dr. Schalch was certain in his diagnosis, something Bradley never felt before. Dr. Schalch was careful in describing what the procedure would be like and was very quick to getting Bradley in surgery to accommodate his recovery and work schedule. Bradley felt that he took the time to identify and clarify in a way that put him at ease. The procedure was higher risk for him, but Bradley never thought about going to St. Louis to have the procedure done. He knew that when Dr. Schalch got him in so quickly for surgery, he felt that Dr. Schalch truly cared for him as a patient and as a person. Bradley has the utmost respect for Dr. Schalch and his whole staff. Bradley didn’t just feel like another patient, Dr. Schalch made him feel like his only patient.

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