9 Concussion Signs and Illinois’ NEW Guidelines

October 2nd, 2015

Recently, Illinois passed a law titled Youth Sports Concussion Safety Act. This new law will go into effect after January 1, 2016. It mandates all Illinois schools to have a concussion oversight team that will develop a return to learn and return to play protocol. This affects all athletes that may sustain a concussion in their school sport, regardless of age.

According to the CDC, supporting a student recovering from a concussion requires a collaborative approach among school professionals, health care providers, and parents, as s/he may need accommodations during recovery.

Students who return to school after a concussion may need to:
  • Take rest breaks as needed
  • Spend fewer hours at school
  • Be given more time to take tests or complete assignments
  • Receive help with schoolwork
  • Reduce time spent on the computer, reading, or writing
Do You Know The Signs Of A Concussion?


It is normal for students to feel frustrated, sad, and even angry because they cannot return to recreation or sports right away, or cannot keep up with schoolwork. A student may also feel isolated from peers and social networks. Talk with the student about these issues and offer support and encouragement. As the student’s symptoms decrease, the extra help or support can be removed gradually.

Questions? Call Sportsology at 877.656.4999 or get more information at the Illinois Youth Sports Concussion Safety Act.

You can also find more information by viewing this PDF from the CDC.