Flu: Protecting you and your family

October 23rd, 2015

Flu, or influenza, outbreaks can happen as early as October and as late as May, so now is the time to protect yourself and your family.

Dr. Adam Henson, a family practice physician with SIH Medical Group in West Frankfort, recommends the vaccine for anyone from the age of six months to end of life. The vaccine is available via the flu shot itself or a nasal spray (the spray is not recommended for children younger than two and adults older than 50). While last year’s flu vaccine was not as effective because of the way the virus changed, experts at the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) have much more confidence in this year’s vaccine, which has been updated to better match circulating viruses.

And, is it flu or not? Dr. Henson recommends against self-diagnosis. “See your doctor, because flu symptoms like fever, cough and muscle aches are often confused with the common cold.”

A quick test can determine your best, and fastest, course of treatment, and stop the spread of the disease in your home and community.