Thinking About a Joint Replacement?

March 25th, 2016

Over the past few years, a lot of things have changed about getting a hip or knee replacement—including the amount of time that you will spend in the hospital! According to the Center for Disease Control, ten years ago, the average patient hospital stay for a hip replacement was nearly five days. Now when you choose to have your hip or knee replacement surgery at Herrin Hospital’s Joint Camp, the average length of time that you can expect to spend in the hospital is only about two days!

So What Has Changed?

Advancements in Surgical Methods

Over time, there have been advancements in medical technology and refining of surgical methods that have benefited the patient.

One example is the anterior hip replacement.

An anterior hip replacement allows Herrin Hospital Joint Camp surgeons to replace the joint without distressing or detaching muscle from the pelvis or femur during surgery. Patients may be able to immediately bend their hips freely and bear full weight when comfortable, enabling a quicker return to normal function.
Rehabilitation Begins Shortly After Surgery

Another improvement is that rehabilitation starts shortly after surgery. A study shows that beginning physical therapy for both knee and hip replacement patients as soon as the same day of surgery can benefit your recovery and reduce potential issues such as stiffness and swelling.

So shortly after surgery, you will receive physical and occupational therapy from a team of Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago (RIC) trained therapists. The team reviews exercises that will assist you with your recovery from surgery. Therapists will also provide you with useful tips for everyday activities—covering everything from safely entering and exiting a car, to laying and raising from a bed.

Herrin Hospital’s Joint Camp is the only Joint Commission accredited program for hip and knee replacements within a 100 mile radius. It also has an accreditation from the Joint Commission for hip fracture rehabilitation—making it one of only 26 programs nationwide!
Care After You Leave the Hospital

Most folks aren’t ready to run a marathon upon leaving the hospital. Instead there are several recuperative options available to you while you work to regain you strength and get back to the things you love!

During your stay at the hospital, case managers will talk with you and assist you in setting up your care for when you leave the hospital. Depending on your specific needs, there are several options available to you including the Acute Rehabilitation Center at Herrin Hospital, the Swing Bed program at St. Joseph Memorial Hospital and outpatient rehabilitation through Rehab Unlimited. In fact, our Joint Camp has the ability to preschedule outpatient therapy appointments even before you have your procedure!

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