Upswing patient John Luberda’s recovery journey

August 16th, 2016

Recently, John Luberda went to Herrin Hospital’s Joint Camp. After his hip surgery, Luberda needed some time to heal before returning home so he went to Upswing Recovery Care at St. Joseph Memorial Hospital.

The Upswing program provides short-term nursing and rehabilitation services. While attending, Luberda received skilled care along with physical and occupational therapy.

Setting a Goal

One of Luberda’s main goals while at Upswing Recovery Care was to independently climb 12 stairs—the number of steps to get into his home. The Upswing care team created an individualized plan to assist Luberda in achieving his goal!



He did it! After 19 days at Upswing Recovery Care following his hip surgery at Herrin Hospital’s Joint Camp, John Luberda is back at home!

In His Own Words

About the experience Luberda shared, “I appreciate all the Upswing staff. They really make you reach for your goals even when you don’t think you can make it. Thank you very much and God bless!”


Upswing Recovery Care is unique compared to most local skilled care facilities because it is located within a hospital. This quick access to a higher level of care can be especially crucial for patients if an unforeseen health issue were to arise. Learn more about Upswing Recovery Care.