Upswing Recovery Care Community Reintegration Program

December 11th, 2017

Community Reintegration is a new service at Upswing Recovery Care extending the continuum of services from inpatient to the community for patients at St. Joseph Hospital in Murphysboro. The early stages of rehabilitation typically focus on regaining physical mobility, self-care skills, and general cognition. Community Reintegration rehabilitation therapy is part of the continuum of care that assists individuals in applying these skills to their return to home. Upswing Recovery Care rehabilitation focuses on improving the quality of life for the specific individual.

The goal of the newly designed Community Reintegration program is to provide therapeutic interventions for patients who want to return to everyday activities, including church, visiting friends and family, going out to eat and shopping. Upswing Recovery Care focuses on helping patients return to all of the activities that are important to them.

Two recent patients at Upswing Recovery Care participated in the Community Reintegration program in November with their therapists, Ilis, Occupational Therapist, and Julie, Physical Therapist Assistant. Joyce and Daisy were roommates at Upswing Recovery Care and were progressing very well towards an independent discharge to home. With the Thanksgiving holiday soon approaching, they identified that both enjoyed preparing family meals in the past years. Daisy and Joyce worked with their therapists, to prepare for their Community Reintegration activity of a grocery shopping trip. Joyce and Daisy were able to get in and out of the SIH vehicle with education in safe technique; together with their therapists and Irene, patient care tech, went to a local grocery store. Both ladies utilized the shopping carts and Daisy used the store scooter as they shopped for Thanksgiving meals. The activity was created to improve independence, strengthen their ability to perform day-to-day tasks and increase their ease and independence with social interactions within the community.


Daisy and Joyce were discharged from Upswing Recovery Care the following day and went home to share in Thanksgiving meal preparations with their families.

Additional services available to the Upswing Recovery Care Community Reintegration Program

  • Referral to SIU’s driver assessment and training if necessary
  • Access to the SIH vehicle for day trips
  • Assist in planning, coordinating and implementing day trips

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