Managed Medicaid- Enrollment Period Closes June 30, 2018

June 20th, 2018

The deadline to select the Managed Medicaid plan of your choice is June 30, 2018. SIH is not participating in the Harmony Medicaid Health Plan. If you choose to continue with your Harmony plan going forward, you may experience delays while we attempt to obtain an approval for coverage from Harmony. This approval process can take as long as two weeks to complete. If you would like to avoid delays and continue to see your SIH provider, please use your re-enrollment period to select another in network Medicaid plan.

SIH hospitals and providers are in network with the Medicaid plans listed below:

  • Blue Cross Community
  • Molina Healthcare
  • IlliniCare Health
  • Meridian Health Plan

For existing Blue Cross Community plan members waiting to select a PCP, many of the providers in the region have now been added to the HFS website, and are available for selection. Unfortunately, the Blue Cross Community plan is not taking new members at this time.

Under Illinois guidelines, we cannot advise you on which plan provides the best fit for you and your family. It’s important for you to know if the physician and services you desire are considered in network for the plan you choose. For questions regarding which plan is right for you, or to enroll in a Medicaid plan, please contact the Illinois Department of Healthcare and Family Services at 877-912-8880 or visit

It is our understanding that the state’s HFS website has recently been updated. Thank you for your patience as we all acclimate to the new Medicaid process.

Please send an email to if you would like someone to reach out to you personally to discuss further.