Catalyst Scripts

CATALYST SCRIPTS may help you save on prescription costs

The Second Act is concerned about skyrocketing prescription costs and the reality that there are many adults who do not have any type of prescription coverage. When given the opportunity to participate in a national program that could benefit our uninsured members, we wholeheartedly accepted. Best of all there is no cost to you to participate in this cost savings program. This program is designed to help you get the lowest price available for prescription medication at a participating pharmacy.

Preferential Pricing

This card offers preferred pricing only. This is not an insurance program.

Although we cannot guarantee that CATALYST SCRIPTS members will pay a lower price for every prescription they are currently purchasing, our experience shows that members of the CATALYST SCRIPTS program pay less on 80% of prescription purchased.


A national network of 64,000 participating chain and independent pharmacies. All major national chain pharmacies participate in this program.

Rx Pricing Guide and Research

Visit to look up cost and consumer information about a prescription drug. By visiting the website you are able to research if there are similar, less costly brand or generic alternatives for the medication you are currently taking.

How Do I Register For A No Cost CATALYST SCRIPTS Card?

Simply call The Second Act, toll-free at 1.877.480.4040