Second Act Travel Program

SIH Travel Policies

Payment is due at time of reservation — call 1.877.480.4040 for reservations. If the traveler cancels after the deadline date, a refund is not issued unless another member can fill the individual’s seat.

It is the responsibility of the The Second Act member to notify the The Second Act office at least 2 weeks prior to the cancellation deadline when he or she has a special need which will require special accommodations in order to allow them to travel. After appropriate notification, all reasonable efforts will be made by the program manager to accommodate the needs of the traveler.

Reservation Policy

When we post NEW trips in the newsletter, each will have a “RESERVATIONS ACCEPTED” note on them. It is our hope that by delaying the registration for a week or so that all members will have an equal opportunity to participate in our travel program.

Activity Level Ratings
  • This rating system assists travelers in determining if they physically will be able to participate in a trip.
  • Level 1 — Trip requires very little walking and standing. An example would include going to see a play and stopping for lunch.
  • Level 2 —Trip requires the ability to walk up to 1 mile, climb up to 10 steps, and stand for up to 1/2 hour. Some seating available, but not guaranteed.
  • Level 3 — Trip requires the ability to walk at least two miles or more, stand for up to 1 hour, and have no trouble climbing steps. Examples of the level include shopping, multi-day trips and craft fairs.

Current Trips


Wait List Available – Thursday, November 19 – Mystery Christmas Tour
COST | $129 member / $139 non-member
CANCELLATION | Monday, October 5

On a Mystery Trip we do not tell you where we go. Every stop is a surprise. What we can tell you is that this trip has a Christmas theme and will be a great start to the holiday season. Trip includes transportation, lunch and entrance fees.


Seats Available – Sanders’ Family Christmas Comedy—Thursday, December 17
LOCATION | Badgett Playhouse—Grand Rivers, KY
COST | $95 member / $105 non-member
CANCELLATION | Wednesday, November 11

The Sanders’ Family Christmas Comedy will cause you to laugh aloud and inspire you all at the same time. The setting is Christmas Eve, 1941, at the Baptist Church in Mt. Pleasant, NC home of the Mount Pleasant Pickle Factory. Bluegrass music combined with some of your favorite holiday songs will certainly have you clapping and tapping your toes. Lunch will be on your own.
Transportation, dinner, tickets and a drive through the Christmas Lights in Nobel Park are included.