SIH Institutional Review Board

The SIH Institutional Review Board (SIH IRB) is a committee of SIH comprised of medical and non-medical professionals charged with the task of reviewing, approving or disapproving, and monitoring research utilizing human subjects.

SIH IRB Mission Statement

The primary responsibility of the SIH IRB is to protect the rights and welfare of SIH patients involved in research programs. To accomplish this, the SIH IRB:

  • Determines that the physical, psychological, and social risks to research participants are minimized, and if present, determine that the risks are justified by the importance of the research and knowledge to be gained.
  • Verifies that potential participants are adequately, accurately, and fairly informed of the risks and anticipated benefits of the research, as well as their rights as research participants.
  • Determines that the privacy and confidentiality of participants is protected to the greatest extent possible.
  • Establishes that additional protections are in place when participants are likely to be members of a vulnerable population.
  • Provides for the safe and ethical conduct of research by monitoring investigator compliance with the federal regulations and ethical standards which govern human subject research regardless of funding.