Pain kept Anne off-stage, but now she’s back in the limelight

Southern Illinois Healthcare offers the ONLY Joint Commission accredited Joint Camp in southern Illinois, which combines surgical expertise, Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago affiliated therapy and valuable education to give you a better experience and faster recovery when facing joint replacement surgery.

Following a busy spring semester at Southern Illinois University in Carbondale, Theater Professor Anne Fletcher began to suffer increasing pain after walking in three graduation ceremonies. By the fall, Anne’s right hip gave her so much trouble that she needed a cane just to get around.
“It was kind of like being an old lady for a while before my surgery. I taught all of my classes, but moving was progressively getting more difficult,” confided Anne.

Finally, Anne sought a referral from her primary care physician to see an orthopedic surgeon. After reviewing Anne’s condition, her orthopedic surgeon told her that she had end-stage arthritis and he recommended a hip replacement.

After hearing the news, Anne told her surgeon that she wanted to go to Herrin Hospital’s Joint Camp for her hip replacement.

Anne’s Joint Camp Experience

Prior to her surgery, Anne received a Joint Camp packet with information on how to prepare for hip joint replacement, including exercises and information to prepare for recovery.

Then Anne participated in a Joint Camp education class lead by Joint Camp coordinator, Stephanie Banks. “I felt that it was incredibly informative and I learned a great deal.” said Anne.

Anne had her surgery in November 2013. Concerning her time in the hospital, Anne said the orthopedic-trained nurses were particularly important because their training helps patients to get up and get moving.

Before Anne went back to work in January, she recalled, “I turned to the information in the hip booklet time and time again during my recovery.”

Life After Surgery

Now just a few short months after Joint Camp, Anne no longer needs a cane and is back to her exercise routine.

Anne has been inspired by her experience and recently participated in the Arthritis Foundation’s Walk to Cure Arthritis. “The surgery is a miracle for me.”

“I had a really good experience with Joint Camp. I love Stephanie. I think Herrin Hospital’s got a great thing going.”

Be like Anne and get back to the things that you love!
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