Service Excellence

SIH has made improving patient satisfaction a very high priority. The Service Excellence Initiative has been implemented to assist our organization in achieving and sustaining a long-term competitive advantage through increases in patient, employee and physician satisfaction.

SIH work groups have been developed to give managers the tools and training they need to build and support the workplace; improving communication and recognition programs; and creating a culture of uncompromising accountability driven by trust, positive attitude, respect, encouragement, leadership and empowerment.

Employee Testimonials

“To me, Service Excellence can be summarized by saying…Just Do It! Just Do It is simple to me, it goes back to the basic idea of treating others with courtesy and respect and doing unto others as I want done unto me. Ask yourself every day before you start work, If your attitude were contagious, would I want anyone to catch mine? Serve others the way you’d like to be served. Expect the best and give others your best. Love what you do.” – Barb, Transcription

“The Service Excellence Advisor program empowered me with an extra boost of confidence professionally and personally. It is a great program for bringing together Southern Illinois Healthcare employees in the same purpose and direction which is providing excellent service to our customers and fellow co-workers.” – Brad, Compliance

“The Service Excellence Initiative is SIH’s commitment to our patients and families emotional and physical needs. We are committed to patient satisfaction and excellent customer service. The Service Excellence Initiative (SEI) has been a fun and rewarding experience for me and I look forward to the growth SIH is making within the healthcare system! We have an amazing group of Service Excellence Advisors that are committed to making positive changes within our organization.” – Amanda, LPN