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Make 2014 Your Year to Get Free From Smoking

  • Your blood pressure decreasing
  • Your pulse rate dropping
  • The body temperature in the feet and hands increasing
  • Smell and taste improving
  • Lung function increasing
  • Heart attack risk decreasing
  • Improved circulation
  • Less coughing
  • Less shortness of breath
  • Less sinus pain and congestion
  • Your risk of lung, mouth, throat, esophagus, bladder and kidneys decreasing
  • Your risk for ulcers decreasing

All of this, when you quit smoking.

Register now for Freedom From Smoking. This new American Lung Association, 7-week program is now offered at Herrin Hospital beginning January 9.
Call 618.942.2171 ext. 35394.

This program addresses the physical, mental and social aspects of nicotine addiction. Sixty percent of participants quit smoking by completing Freedom From Smoking in conjunction with smoking cessation medications. You’ll be six times more likely to be smoke-free after one year and be reaping the benefits above.

Most insurance plans cover this outpatient service. However, if you do not have insurance, please inquire about payment options. Call 618.942.2171 ext. 35394.