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Ebola Preparedness

Ebola, previously known as Ebola hemorrhagic fever, is a rare and deadly disease caused by infection with one of the Ebola virus strains.

Out of an abundance of concern, Southern Illinois Healthcare has taken several precautionary steps as recommended by the CDC.

  • All of our emergency departments have implemented a screening tool to identify anyone who may have been exposed to the disease. Medical staff have been educated on the disease and proper procedures should anyone present with symptoms at one of our facilities.
  • Since Ebola is spread by contact or droplet exposure, all staff members have already been trained on how to use personal protective equipment as part of normal patient care training. We are reinforcing that training by monitoring staff compliance and re-educating staff on proper techniques.
  • SIH facilities continuously monitor updates and information coming from the CDC and IDPH and participate in communication with our local, state, and federal partners.
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