Exercises That Help Decrease Knee and Hip Pain

If you have pain when you climb stairs, or when you get into and out of the car or bed, you are not alone. According to a survey by the CDC, 18% of adults said they were experiencing knee pain and 7% of the population had experienced hip pain (over a 30 day period).

Our knees and hips experience a lot of wear and tear over time. Depending on a number of health factors, some of us have fared better than others when it comes to the condition of our joints.

No matter what stage of life’s journey that you are in, developing flexible, strong muscles are the best way to keep knees and hips healthy! By strengthening these muscles, you can reduce stress on your knee and hip joints.

Here are some recommended exercises for both hip and knee strengthening.

Make sure you check with your healthcare provider to ensure you are healthy enough for certain activities.

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If you continue to experience joint pain, please visit your physician; if you need knee or hip surgery, let your physician know that you want to go to Herrin Hospital’s Joint Camp.

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