Gina’s journey wasn’t always a walk in the park…

At 47 years old, Pinckneyville resident Gina Iffert was faced with the need for hip replacement. Pain that had begun nearly five years earlier had become debilitating. Whether it was strolling along the Pinckneyville City Park’s walking trail or simply taking a vacation, the pain in her hips was holding her back.

Gina shared, “I was a pretty active person before all of this, but the pain just kept getting worse.”

After talking with her primary care physician and having some imaging of her hips, Gina learned that she had end-stage osteoarthritis. She got a referral to see Mike Davis, an orthopedic surgeon. Dr. Davis told Gina that she was beyond the point of physical therapy and cortisone injections. He recommended surgery.

Why Gina Chose Herrin Hospital

Gina had a choice of where she wanted her joint replacement surgery to be performed and she chose Herrin Hospital’s Joint Camp. Joint Camp provided Gina patient education to help her prepare for surgery and for recovery. The program also gave her access to Southern Illinois Healthcare’s Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago-trained therapists to assist her in a speedy recovery.

Gina noted, “The educational class with Stephanie Banks was very helpful. It told us what to expect and what we would need when we got home and that’s what I wanted. I was tired of not being able to do anything. It was another reason why I wanted to go to Herrin Hospital because I knew they had Joint Camp and I knew their rehabilitation reputation.”

Gina had a bilateral anterior hip replacement in February of this year and by St. Patrick’s Day—just a month later—Gina was back to work. “We scheduled the surgery for Valentine’s Day and that was the day that changed my life,” exclaimed Gina. “I have been pain-free since the surgery and I was in extreme pain before.”

Anterior Hip Replacement

An anterior hip replacement allows Herrin Hospital Joint Camp surgeons to replace the joint without distressing or detaching muscle from the pelvis or femur during surgery. Patients may be able to immediately bend their hips freely and bear full weight when comfortable, enabling a quicker return to normal function.

Getting Her Life Back

Gina had this to say after her surgery: “You know you don’t realize what you have missed out on in life until you are able to do it again!”

“I’m excited to have the possibility to travel and walk around. I’ve missed out on that for the past few years. I’m going on my first vacation in I don’t know how many years!” Gina went on to say, “I had no life and now I have my life back.”

Gina’s advice for those considering joint replacement: “Do it! It’s not worth the pain of the indecision making-process. You are going to feel better!”

Gina added, “I feel like a new person. I feel like it’s a miracle! I don’t just feel like it—it is a miracle!”

Be like Gina and get back to the things that you love!

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