Kathi Neubert lives with her husband in Herrin. She enjoys traveling and being active in her community. On Sundays, Kathi enjoys playing guitar in her praise band at church.

But not so long ago, a nagging hip problem began to get worse.

Enough is Enough

As Kathi says, “I got to the point where I was thinking about having surgery. I had to modify how I sat down. The pain was breathtaking.” She finally went to see his Orthopaedic surgeon, Dr. Barr.

Shortly before Kathi’s surgery, she attended Herrin Hospital’s Joint Camp educational class taught by orthopedic coordinator Stephanie Banks. The class explained what to expect for the surgery and tips on preparing for recovery.

Kathi had a total hip replacement in April of 2017. She was in and out in no time. “I went in on Monday morning for surgery and by Tuesday afternoon I was home. Everything that I learned from watching the Emmi videos before surgery was true.”

Kathi said is hindsight she wouldn’t have put the surgery off for so long. Once she woke up on Monday after the surgery, she felt better right away.

While at Herrin Hospital, Kathi participated in group therapy. She commented, “Being able to go experience therapy with others was great for the healing process.”

After surgery, Joint Camp patients participate in rehabilitation. The rehabilitation program focuses on practical instruction to assist patients with the recovery process and offers tips on things such as dressing and bathing.

Close to Home

Kathi added, “I considered going to St. Louis or Cape Gireadeau to get my surgery, but people told me ‘You need to go to Herrin Hospital’. So I did and wow! I was impressed with the team there.”

“Don’t think you are going to go somewhere else that is better than Herrin Hospital’s Joint Camp. There is no need to travel to get quality hip replacements because you can go to Joint Camp.”

Now that Kathi’s recovered she’s able to stand in the praise band at her church and salsa dance with her husband.