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Anne – Joint Replacement Surgery

Following a busy spring semester at Southern Illinois University in Carbondale, Theater Professor Anne Fletcher began to suffer increasing pain after walking in three graduation ceremonies. By the fall, Anne’s right hip gave her so much trouble that she needed a cane just to get around.
“It was kind of like being an old lady for a while before my surgery. I taught all of my classes, but moving was progressively getting more difficult,” confided Anne… Read more

Bill – Neurosurgery

Bill went into surgery at 7:30 on Sunday morning on August 10, 2014 at Memorial Hospital of Carbondale. The procedure lasted about an hour. When Bill was in the ICU recovering, he said he will never forget the first time he spoke to Dr. Fleming. Bill and his wife already had an anniversary trip to Canada planned for October 16, 2014, just a couple of months after his surgery. “Dr. Fleming walked into my room after my surgery and I will never forget the words he said to me: ‘Bill, your prayers have been answered. Now you’ll need to go home and back your bags for your trip to Canada.’ I just laid there, pain free, and started to cry. Dr. Fleming never had a doubt in his mind that he would save my life, and he did exactly that”… Read more

Brent – Rehabilitation

On November 9, 2014, 43-year-old Brent Loucks of Sesser got home from church on a Sunday afternoon and tried to take a simple stroll across his yard. When Loucks says, “Pain shot down my left leg—almost like a charley horse sensation. Immediately, I knew something wasn’t right and I went in the house with my wife. My whole leg tightened up and there wasn’t any relief. It just stayed that way”… Read more

Carla – Rehabilitation

In the not— too— distant past, Carla Shasteen found herself in a situation that none of us ever hopes to be in. It was an icy day in January, when Carla was driving her car on an Indiana highway just finishing up a day’s work selling quilting fabric in Indianapolis. Suddenly, she hit a patch of ice, lost control of her vehicle and ended up in a lane of oncoming traffic. The driver in the other vehicle was also having trouble controlling their vehicle and ran directly into Carla’s car… Read more

Charlotte – Atrial Fibrillation

Charlotte Massey is always on the run. As an assistant principal at Anna Elementary School, Special Education Administrator and a mother of a senior and 8th grader of her own, she is all about the children. There’s no time to be down. Charlotte had bouts of rapid heartbeat, but it didn’t plague her but once a year, and would only affect her for a few seconds. Soon it would be over and with Charlotte’s busy life, easily forgotten… Read more

Debbie – Breast Cancer

Family and coworkers reminded Debbie Dunning of Tamms that she had reached the age to have a yearly mammogram. Working at Anna Rural Health in Dongola, she no doubt had heard the message many times. Typical of many women who are busy with family, work and life, Debbie put it off. After all, she wasn’t feeling bad today. In 2008, however, she felt a lump. Even then, she didn’t think it would be anything to worry about. Debbie had her first mammogram at age 48 at Union County Hospital in Anna. Having gotten most of her other health care in Cape Girardeau, Debbie was unfamiliar when her primary care physician recommended she go to The Breast Center in Carbondale for follow-up. She was quickly routed there for a biopsy… Read more

Gina – Anterior Hip Replacement

At 47 years old, Pinckneyville resident Gina Iffert was faced with the need for hip replacement. Pain that had begun nearly five years earlier had become debilitating. Whether it was strolling along the Pinckneyville City Park’s walking trail or simply taking a vacation, the pain in her hips was holding her back. After talking with her primary care physician and having some imaging of her hips, Gina learned that she had end-stage osteoarthritis. She got a referral to see Mike Davis, an orthopedic surgeon. Dr. Davis told Gina that she was beyond the point of physical therapy and cortisone injections. He recommended surgery… Read more

Gordon – Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm

“I just love transporting that precious cargo,” says Gordon Carpenter, bus driver for Ewing schools. “Dr. Al-Dallow helped me keep my job.” In order to transport children, bus drivers in Illinois are required to pass a few tests including a medical physical. For Gordon, that meant a trip to get his yearly physical in Mt. Vernon. In June of 2015, Gordon got the bad news. He did not pass… Read more

Justin – Weight Loss Surgery

In 2011, weighing nearly 600 pounds, 26 year old Justin Wiseman thought his life was over, before it even began. He had been overweight his entire life. At the age of 6, he weighed 100 pounds. Even back then, he understood he wasn’t like everyone else. Playing on the teeter totter was no fun for him because he was always at the bottom. By the age of 26, he suffered on a daily basis because of his weight. He endured severe type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, sleep apnea, joint pain, emotional distress and cirrhosis of the liver. He was practically home bound. There were so many things he wanted to do, but his weight always held him back… Read more

Martha – Neck Surgery

Martha spent 33 years as a teacher in West Frankfort. When she retired, she didn’t take it easy—Martha and her husband, Ray, decided to start a vineyard. She said goodbye to working 5 days a week with summers off and instead, began working 7 days a week year-round! Martha, Ray and Tommy, their beloved dog, were out in the vineyard during the hot summer months and frigid icy months. The three of them loved every moment of it. As much as Martha enjoyed working in the vineyard, she began having horrible pains in her neck and arm… Read more

Nancy – Congestive Heart Failure

Much like an artist’s work, fixing a heart rhythm issue can be delicate and tedious. Former art teacher Nancy Herbert’s fast heartbeat might have been a fit for her active lifestyle; but, it became a fragile scenario that would take great tenacity. Her story begins in 2010 when she developed an unusually high heart rate. While working out at Curves, she noticed her favorite stair stepper reporting an astounding 190 beats per minute. “I’m one of those people that was in AFib (atrial fibrillation) and didn’t know it,” said Nancy… Read more


Phillip – Total Knee Replacement

Phillip Jeralds had reached a point where he could not walk long distances anymore or spend long periods of time doing something that he loved to do—horseback riding. Phillip loved to ride horses for five to seven hours at a time near his home in Creal Springs, in the Shawnee National Forest. Phillip, a retired Illinois state trooper, suffered three tears to his knee during his tenure. “After procrastinating and reaching the point where I couldn’t go horseback riding for more than one or two hours at a time, I realized it was time for surgery”… Read more

Ray – Congestive Heart Failure

Retirement is supposed to be golden, but for Ray, things started slowing down in 2010, more than he liked. For some years, he experienced an overall loss of energy, loss of appetite and he started putting off his favorite projects. Over time, Ray’s condition began to worsen. He began having frequent emergency room visits for a variety of symptoms: pain in his side, swelling in his legs, labored breathing, he stopped eating, other swelling occurred. Like all emergency rooms, when a chronically sick person arrives, the idea is to get them well enough to tolerate tests later to find out the issue… Read more

Robert – Interventional Radiology

One day while going about his daily routine, Robert Bordenave began having severe stomach discomfort and couldn’t keep any food down. After this illness continued for a short time, Robert’s doctor ordered a CT scan of his abdomen. The CT scan results were clear for his stomach, but they did show a tumor on his kidney. “I turned out to be very lucky because I went in for something totally unrelated and they found the tumor. It was just luck.” Robert acknowledged… Read more