Own the Bone®

Protect Your Bones from Future Breaks

When a patient presents at Joint Camp with a fracture, steps are taken to ensure that the patient follows up with a practitioner to assess whether this is an osteoporosis-related fracture. Statistics show that patients over the age of 50 with an osteoporosis-related fracture are two times more likely to sustain another, but education and preventative treatments offered through the Own the Bone program help reduce this risk.

What is osteoporosis?


Osteoporosis is a condition of low bone mass making bones more fragile and likely to break. People with osteoporosis most often break bones in the hip, spine and wrist. If you are over 50 with a fracture, there is a good chance that your fracture is related to osteoporosis.

What Can I Do To Make My Bones Healthier?

It is never too early or too late to take care of your bones. The following steps can help you improve your bone health:

Talk to your doctor about your bone health. Go over your risk factors with your physician and ask about a bone density test. Also talk with your physician about medications that may help prevent bone loss and reduce your chances of breaking a bone.

Eat a well-balanced diet rich in calcium and vitamin D. Good sources of calcium include low-fat dairy products and foods and drinks with added calcium. Good sources of vitamin D include egg yolks, saltwater fish, liver and milk with vitamin D. Some people may need to take nutritional supplements in order to get enough calcium and vitamin D.

Get plenty of physical activity. Like muscles, bones become stronger with exercise. The best exercises for healthy bones are strength-building and weight-bearing, like walking, climbing stairs, lifting weights and dancing. Try to get 30 minutes of exercise each day.

Live a healthy lifestyle. Don’t smoke, and, if you choose to drink alcohol, don’t drink too much.

Prevent falls. Falling down can cause a bone to break, especially in someone with osteoporosis. But most falls can be prevented. Check your home for dangers like loose rugs and poor lighting. Have your vision checked. Increase your balance and strength by walking every day and taking classes like Tai Chi, yoga or dancing.