What is a Hospitalist?

A hospitalist is a doctor who specializes in care of patients inside the hospital. Most hospitalists are board certified internal medicine or family practice physicians. The only difference is that hospitalists have chosen not to practice medicine in an office setting. You might say a hospitalist is the inpatient version of a family practice or internal medicine physician.


During your stay in the hospital, we want you to feel comfortable knowing that you have a physician available to you 24 hours a day and having hospitalists allows us to more effectively supervise your medical care.

Your doctor and the hospitalist want to work together to reduce the length of time you are hospitalized and reduce medical complications. Because hospitalists are based at the hospital, tests can be interpreted faster, decisions about your care can be made more quickly, treatments can be modified and care can begin sooner. In contrast, a primary doctor may order tests one day and not follow up on results to take the next necessary step until they return to the hospital the next day.

Your Hospitalists

hospitalists baral Hospitalists
Shailesh Baral, MD
hospitalists davis Hospitalists
Craig Davis, MD
hospitalists kahwaji Hospitalists
Labib El Kahwaji, MD
hospitalists jadhav Hospitalists
Kavita Jadhav, MD
hospitalists pisini Hospitalists
Bhanu Pisini, MD
hospitalists sirigiri Hospitalists
Haritha Sirigiri, MD
hospitalists bilal Hospitalists
Yasmin Bilal, MD
hospitalists hopen Hospitalists
Shannon Hopen, DO
hospitalists sharath Hospitalists
Gowda Sharath, MD
hospitalists maddala Hospitalists
Silpa Maddala, MD
hospitalists shah Hospitalists
Jignesh Shah, MD
hospitalists zia Hospitalists
Sareer Zia, MD
hospitalists venkataram Hospitalists
Raghu Konanur-Venkataram, MD
hospitalists motkar Hospitalists
Chandrasekhar Motkar, MD
Medical Director
hospitalists connor Hospitalists
Clint Connor, MD
Medical Director