Welcome to the SIH Patient Portal

SIH Patient Portal is a secure, confidential, and easy to use website that gives patients and their families 24-hour access to their important hospital health information. The SIH patient portal empowers you to be a more active partner in your healthcare.

Once you have been provided a patient code that will allow you to log into the SIH Patient Portal you will be able to:

  • Access important health information from your or your medical records including: medications, immunizations, and test results
  • Maintain account information including user name, password, access, privileges and email address.
  • Download and transmit information.

Not registered?

To learn how you can register for the SIH Patient Portal contact the Patient Portal Liaison during normal business hours; Monday through Friday 8:00 – 4:30 at 618.457.5200 ext. 67123.

Who can sign up?

Patients and their authorized legal guardians can sign up for the SIH Patient Portal in accordance to the Terms and Conditions of the Web Site.

Your privacy is important

Your health information in SIH Patient Portal is being kept confidential by using a secure, encrypted connection that meets the highest industry standards. Only you – and those you authorize – will be able to see or gain access to the information in your Portal.