A shadow fell across Robert, but now the future is bright.

Only SIH Imaging Services offers a team of skilled Interventional radiologists that offer renal cryoablation.

Meet your Interventional Radiology Team
Retired Williamson County resident Robert Bordenave and his wife enjoy spending time at Oak Ridge Manor—their former bed and breakfast. There Robert keeps active by gardening, biking the beautiful southern Illinois trails and woodworking—with his favorite creations including intricate lamps that are painstaking replicas of Frank Lloyd Wright’s unique lighting designs’.

Discovering the Tumor

One day while going about his daily routine, Robert began having severe stomach discomfort and couldn’t keep any food down. After this illness continued for a short time, Robert’s doctor ordered a CT scan of his abdomen. The CT scan results were clear for his stomach, but they did show a tumor on his kidney.

“I turned out to be very lucky because I went in for something totally unrelated and they found the tumor. It was just luck.” Robert acknowledged.

While Robert’s unrelated stomach issue was easily resolved, an MRI was ordered to get a clearer picture of his kidneys. Robert then met with Urologist Dr. Don Arnold, to discuss his options.

Dr. Arnold told Robert about a new cryoablation procedure being offered by the interventional radiologist at Memorial Hospital of Carbondale. After hearing his options, Robert chose cryoablation. Robert then met with the interventional radiologist who Robert said, “was very reassuring about the procedure.”

Renal Cryoablation:

A minimally-invasive surgical procedure conducted by interventional radiologists that freezes and destroys kidney tumors. Typically patients have a shorter recovery time and a quicker return to normal activity, than with traditional kidney tumor removal surgery.

A Gentler Approach

Robert underwent his minimally invasive cryoablation procedure at Memorial Hospital of Carbondale and was home by the evening. He was able to get back to his normal routine in just a few days.

“It was a quick outpatient procedure and the biopsy I had of the tumor came back as benign—and that was a big relief.” expressed Robert. “I was very impressed by the interventional radiologist before and after the surgery. Everyone who was on the team was very helpful.”

About his procedure, Robert added, “I would definitely choose this option again. I really think it’s a great procedure and I think others should be aware of this option.”

Since his procedure in May, Robert has been able to get back to his woodworking—using his talent to make the day a little brighter for those around him.

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