Level II Plus Special Care Nursery

Special Care Nursery Tips for the Family

That motherly instinct kicked in immediately—that need to nurture and take care of your new baby. However, if you have a baby in the Special Care Nursery, things might be a little different than you imagined. You may be experiencing a wide range of emotions, which are perfectly natural.

The good news is that despite it being somewhat different, you are still the most important part in your baby’s care.

Here are a few things that can help you through this time:
  • Be physically ready. One of the most important things you can do is take care of yourself. When you’re feeling refreshed, you are more ready to take in all the information going on with your newborn.
  • Keep “Tiny Steps: Your Guide to the Special Care Nursery” handy.
  • Ask questions. Never hesitate to express your concerns and feelings with us. We are here to help.
  • Bring a support person. Come to the Special Care Nursery with a family member or friend. That way you have an extra set of eyes and ears.
  • Don’t be afraid to talk softly and gently touch your baby. As you go along the process, our nurses will be helping you get acclimated to holding, feeding and much more.
  • You can still provide breast milk for your baby. Talk to one of our breastfeeding consultants regarding securing a breast pump.
  • Have realistic expectations. We celebrate the little steps, because they’re the ones that mean so much.
  • Call us anytime. 618.549.0721 ext. 65202.

About the Special Care Nursery

Special Care Nursery Visiting Guidelines

  1. Siblings are welcome if they are two years of age or older. To protect newborns from any infections, siblings will be given a short health screening prior to entering.
  2. Grandparents may visit without the parents provided the parents sign a consent. Grandparents will need to share their photo ID.
  3. Other family members may visit if accompanied by a parent.
  4. Please do not allow visitors with colds, fevers or other illnesses.
  5. Limit visitors to two at a time.
  6. Every visitor is asked to scrub in for three minutes and wear a protective gown.
  7. Cameras are allowed, but please only take pictures of your baby.