What to Expect During Treatment

Starting Treatment

Treatment begins with scheduling a complimentary confidential assessment, which will determine the level of care appropriate to each client. A referral for treatment will be based on the presenting symptoms and their level of severity.

Those who could benefit from The Center for Senior Renewal at St. Joseph Memorial Hospital will be referred to a physician for further evaluation, and, if appropriate, admission to The Center for Senior Renewal at St. Joseph Memorial Hospital treatment services.

Daily Activities

Programming to accommodate prescribed levels of care is available on weekdays during business hours Monday through Friday. During that time, the treatment plan will focus on each unique client, with a specific set of circumstances, symptoms and goals to be understood and treated.

The Center for Senior Renewal offers:
  • Individual counseling
  • Individualized group therapy with other senior adults struggling with similar issues
  • Family therapy
  • Regular communication with family members
  • Regular meetings with assigned case managers
  • A physician supervises the care of each person and can meet one-on-one on a regular basis with each client and involved family members to ensure quality care. Often, special medications are prescribed for treating the specific symptoms of an individual. Clients also receive a nutritious meal each day.