Did you know Heart Attacks have beginnings?

These “beginnings” occur in over 50% of patients. Most importantly, if recognized in time, these “beginnings” can be treated before the heart is damaged!

Alarming Statistics

Heart disease caused approximately 1 of every 6 deaths in the United States in 2006.
In 2011, an estimated 785,000 Americans will have a first-time heart attack, and an estimated 470,000 will have a repeat heart attack.

Every 25 seconds, an American will have a coronary event, and every minute, someone will die of one.

Learning the signs could save a life!

85% of heart damage occurs within the first two hours of a heart attack. Early heart attack care is knowing the subtle danger signs of a heart attack and acting upon them immediately – Before Heart Damage Occurs

So what are the early symptoms?

Remember, people may or may not experience any or all of these symptoms. People may experience mild chest symptoms, such as pressure, burning, aching or tightness. These symptoms may come and go until finally becoming constant and severe.

Call 911