Children & Sleep Disorders

Kids Need a Good Night’s Sleep, Too

If you have children, you know that the amount of sleep they get can mean the difference between how difficult or easy-going they are on any given day. It’s even more important for growing boys and girls to get the proper amount of rest than for adults. The American Academy of Sleep Medicine recommends 14-15 hours of sleep for infants (3-11 months) 12-14 hours for toddlers, 11-13 hours for preschoolers and 10 to 11 hours for school-age children.

If your kids aren’t displaying the energy and happiness of other children, they may have a problem with sleep. Be sure to discuss your child’s sleep behavior with a pediatrician or family physician.

Signs That Your Child Has a Problems With Sleep:
  • Waking up repeatedly during the night
  • Snoring very loudly or struggles to breathe during sleep
  • Behavioral, mood or school performance changes
  • A child who used to stay dry at night begins to wet the bed
  • You’re spending to much time “helping” your child fall asleep
  • Your lose sleep as a result of your child’s bedtime and sleeping patterns