CPAP Solutions Clinic

Obstructive sleep apnea is one of the most common sleep disorders. Usually, the treatment for people with sleep apnea is a device called CPAP or BiPAP. Unfortunately, when people are first prescribed treatment by CPAP, some find the device to be intimidating. To help people work through their CPAP, the Sleep Disorders Center offers a CPAP Solutions Clinic.

The CPAP Solutions Clinic is a one-on-one appointment, usually an hour, with a Registered Sleep Technician/Respiratory Therapist. The purpose of the clinic is to help patients feel comfortable with the device so it can positively affect their health.

During the CPAP Solutions Clinic, the technician:
  • Checks the CPAP machine to confirm that it is functioning properly
  • Makes sure that the mask size is correct and fitted properly
  • Provides instruction on how and when to use the CPAP
  • Answers questions that patients may have when using the CPAP
  • Finds solutions to problems when wearing the CPAP
  • Teaches patients about the serious nature of sleep apnea
  • Provides instruction in how to take proper care of the machine

Patients wanting to attend the CPAP Solutions Clinic can call the Sleep Disorders Center to schedule an appointment. It is treated as an office visit, and depending on the particular plan, most insurance companies do cover it.

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