What To Expect During A Sleep Study

A sleep disorders test is quite easy and painless. The sleep technologist will explain all procedures and, at the time you are ready for sleep, you will be connected to various external monitors using skin-surface devices. At all times during the study, the technologist will be in the adjacent room and is available if you need assistance.

Monitoring and Evaluation During the Study

Sleep studies include continuous monitoring of sleep patterns by brain waves, muscle movements and eye movements. Your oxygen saturation, heart rate, chest and abdominal movements, body and leg movements, and airflow from your nose and mouth are also monitored. The activities and movements are monitored and recorded by sophisticated equipment. Throughout the study you will be observed by the technologists through a closed-circuit television monitor.

Analysis and Follow-Up

After your sleep study, the medical director analyzes all information recording during the study. A full report will be mailed to your physician regarding the diagnosis and recommended treatment plan. You or your physician are encouraged to telephone the center if you have any questions.