Preparing For Your Visit

Physical Examination and History

Patients usually have a physical examination by their referring physician before their sleep study is scheduled. You will also be asked to fill out a Patient Medical History which you may download and complete before your appointment.

Download Medical History Form

Patient Medical History Form

Scheduling Your Sleep Studies

Studies are conducted six nights a week at both St. Joseph Sleep Disorders Centers in Murphysboro and Marion. The actual sleep study will require you to stay overnight as an outpatient. To simulate your sleeping environment at home, the St. Joseph Sleep Disorders Center is comfortably furnished like a bedroom, including a private bathroom and shower. The staff at the center will schedule the sleep study at a date convenient for you, including scheduling a daytime sleep study if you do shift work.

The Day of Your Study
  • Bring a photo ID and insurance cards with you on the day of the test.
  • Please wash hair the day of test and omit usage of hair care products such as sprays or gels. Also, please try to avoid the use of lotions.
  • Do not vary from your regular daily activities. Avoid naps the day before and the day of your study.
  • Please eat your evening meal before arriving at the Sleep Center. You may bring a snack or something to drink with you. Ice and water are available in the Sleep Center.
  • Bring pajamas or wear comfortable clothing for testing and you may bring your own pillow.
  • You may bring reading materials. Cable television is available.
  • Please bring a list of your medications and any necessary evening medication with you in their original container. (This includes any medication that might help you sleep.)

Please call with in 72 hours of your test if you are unable to make your appointment.
618-684-3156 ext. 55488.

The Cost of Sleep Evaluations

Because of the variety of sleep disorders, the required sleep monitoring and evaluation studies may vary and consequently the total cost of the sleep study may also vary.

Studies performed in the St. Joseph Sleep Disorders Center are accepted medical procedures and thus should be covered by your insurance carrier. We suggest that you contact your insurance company prior to the study to determine your coverage. If you have questions, call 888-38-SLEEP. The center’s staff will be happy to assist in any way.