Phillip had trouble walking, but now he can ride…

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Joint Camp Centers Around the Patient

Phillip Jeralds had reached a point where he could not walk long distances anymore or spend long periods of time doing something that he loved to do—horseback riding. Phillip loved to ride horses for five to seven hours at a time near his home in Creal Springs, in the Shawnee National Forest.

Phillip, a retired Illinois state trooper, suffered three tears to his knee during his tenure.

Making the Big Decision

After the most recent meniscus tear, Phillip visited an orthopedic doctor, who simply informed him that all of his cartilage was gone. The doctor added that in a few years, Phillip would need a joint replacement. Well, Phillip held out a bit longer than a few years. Some 10+ years later, Phillip finally decided that he had enough of the pain.

“After procrastinating and reaching the point where I couldn’t go horseback riding for more than one or two hours at a time, I realized it was time for surgery.” He talked with Dr. Mike Davis about his options and after carefully weighing them, Phillip opted for total knee replacement through Herrin Hospital’s Joint Camp.

Valuable Education Before Surgery

Before the surgery, Phillip attended a Joint Camp education class led by Herrin Hospital’s Joint Camp Coordinator, Stephanie Banks, to learn what to expect during the hospital stay and how to prepare at home for a smoother recovery.

Phillip noted, “Joint Camp was helpful. When you’re going through major surgery like this, you don’t know what to expect. With Joint Camp, Stephanie goes in there and she explains everything that you are going to go through, helps you prepare and explains the exercises to be done before surgery. She was very informative and I think that if I hadn’t gone through it… it would have been very difficult. It would be difficult for anyone to have this surgery without the knowledge that I gained from her.”

On Friday, October 5, 2012, Phillip had his total knee replacement with Dr. Davis through the Joint Camp program at Herrin Hospital.

His Joint Camp Experience

What did Phillip think after his total knee replacement surgery? “I put it off for far too long and really, I don’t know why! In my opinion, it’s been a blessing.”

When looking back on the experience, Phillip felt that the nurses and doctor were very caring. “My nurses were fantastic! They were concerned about managing my pain and worked to keep the doctor informed. Dr. Davis really seemed to care. He seemed to really have my best interest at heart. They were expedient, efficient and I would recommend Herrin Hospital to anybody!”

Phillip added, “For those that are having any hesitation about getting their joint replacement done, listen to what your Joint Camp surgeon tells you. My surgery went extremely well! So get it done and get on with life!”

Be like Phillip and get back to the things that you love!
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