Visitor Guidelines for Surgical Patients

Your family and friends will be allowed to stay with you until it is time for you to be prepared for surgery. We do request that no more than two visitors be allowed in the room with you at one time.

As a visitor, we understand that waiting during surgery can cause a lot of anxiety. Please be aware that surgery does not immediately begin when the patient is taken in for preparation. Preparation times vary depending on the type of surgery or anesthesia.

When the surgery does begin, a staff member will keep you updated on the progress of the surgery. To receive timely updates, you are encouraged to wait in the designated waiting area for surgery and recovery.

If you need to leave the waiting room, please notify the desk in the waiting area and be sure to check back when you return. They should provide you with an in-house pager to carry, should you need to be contacted.

Once the surgery is completed, the surgeon will usually come to the waiting area or phone you to discuss the surgery and give post-operative instructions.