Plan a Gift for Tomorrow

A deferred gift is a planned contribution that you arrange now but won’t benefit us until later – perhaps after your lifetime. Your personal circumstances may dictate this strategy, especially if you contemplate a sizable contribution.


In addition to being a convenient way to distribute an estate, a will can also be a creative vehicle for making thoughtful gifts, after providing for the needs of loved ones.

Until your will goes into effect, you are free to alter your plans to meet your changing needs. By having your attorney revise your will or add a simple amendment, you can underscore your commitment with a gift of a dollar amount, property, percentage of your estate, or what is left after remembering your loved ones.Learn More

IRA’s & Retirement Plans

Name the SIH Foundation as a primary or contingent beneficiary of part or all of your retirement plans or IRA’s. It is very easy and convenient to make a gift from your excess retirement assets to perpetuate work you consider vital for the well-being of future generations. Please check with your Plan Administrator about special giving provisions for people 70 1/2 years of age and older that might provide you special tax advantages.Learn More

Life Estate Arrangement

Deed your personal residence, property or farm to the SIH Foundation while retaining the use of the property or land for as long as you live.

You avoid the hassles of selling your property and secure a current income tax deduction. You continue to take care of the property, pay the taxes, and even receive any income it generates. But, because you have already arranged for transfer of the property by deed, it does not pass through your probate estate at death, possibly saving unnecessary expenses and delays.Learn More

Life Insurance

Name the SIH Foundation as the beneficiary, contingent beneficiary, sign over an existing policy or use an irrevocable life insurance trust to purchase a policy.

  • You can often make a gift many times larger than you thought possible by purchasing a life insurance policy or naming us as the beneficiary to an existing policy.
  • Premiums are deductible as a charitable contribution as long as you do not retain ownership/control.

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