Hope is Home

Building A Dedicated Cancer Center

For too long, many cancer patients and their families have had a perception that they need to travel long distances to receive the care they need. We have the physicians, health care professionals and expertise within the Southern Illinois Healthcare system. The one thing we lack is a dedicated facility for cancer related services. That is why we are asking you to become a partner in philanthropy with us now.

SIH has excelled in the recruitment and retention of top quality medical professionals and have provided them with state-of-the-art equipment. The Cancer Center brings those patients, doctors and services under one roof for greater efficiency and quality of service for everyone involved in this medical journey of cancer treatment. The new Cancer Center will give us the ability to expand even more upon the quality and breadth of services provided.

See our cancer center GROW!

Your Role in the Future of Health Care

Some have asked if it would be possible for SIH to fund the entire project on their own. With the uncertainty in the future of healthcare reimbursements and with the many capital obligations that SIH has committed to expanding quality care and services for the region, that is not feasible. Cancer has touched so many lives that we feel this is the appropriate time and opportunity to reach out to the greater community we serve and ask for public support of this project.

Hope is Home Gala

Major donors of the Hope is Home campaign presenting during the second annual SIH Foundation Dinner Gala.

Please Consider Making a Pledge Today

The total cost of the Cancer Center project is $19.9 million and the financial goal of the Hope is Home Campaign is $10 million. Donors will be recognized for their generosity and naming opportunities will be provided for those wishing to leave a personal, business or family legacy.Available Naming Opportunities

Pledges can be made and spread over five years and paid at intervals determined by the donor. The SIH Foundation will also assist you in making any gifts involving transfers of stocks, life insurance, real estate, bequests or other giving options.Donate Now

For contribution inquiries, contact:
Tanna Morgan
618.457.5200 ext. 67843