Urgent Care clinic in Marion is now open

October 10th, 2018

SIH is excited to announce that the new Urgent Care clinic in Marion is open. The clinic is located at 2808 East Outer Drive in front of Walmart and is open 7 days a week from 8am to 8pm. SIH Urgent Care is a place where individuals can get medical treatment in a non-emergency situation when their primary care doctor isn’t available. The clinic treats illness and symptoms like allergies, abrasions, burns, cuts, infections, sprains, vomiting and other minor illnesses and injuries. Patients are able to control their experience through online check-in, which allows them to reserve a spot online.

Patients are also able to view current wait times and choose an arrival time that works for them, including “next available.” They are then able to wait at home, at work or wherever they are most comfortable. Patients are sent a text message reminder on what time they should arrive at the urgent care clinic. Reserving your appointment is easy to do- just visit sih.net/urgentcare and click on the red button. Then enter the proper contact information, select an appointment time, then click “confirm.”

In addition to services for individuals and families, SIH Urgent Care offers workplace-related healthcare services through SIH Work Care. Employers in or near Southern Illinois can take advantage of a wide array of occupational health services from workplace screening and testing to workplace incident management.SIH Work Care
relocated from Logan Park and is in the same building as SIH Urgent Care in Marion.