Mission & Values


We are dedicated to improving the health and well-being of all of the people in the communities we serve.


The values of SIH reflect the philosophy of its founders and guide the work of all who serve within the organization:

  • Respect

    Recognizing and valuing the dignity and uniqueness of each person

  • Integrity

    Adhering to strong moral and ethical principles in all we do

  • Compassion

    Responding to the feelings and needs of each person with kindness, concern and empathy

  • Collaboration

    Communicating and working with others for the benefit of all

  • Stewardship

    Responsibly using, preserving and enhancing our human and material resources as a not-for-profit community controlled organization

  • Accountability

    Holding ourselves and those around us responsible for living the values and achieving the vision of Southern Illinois Healthcare

  • Quality

    Striving for excellence in all we do