Second Act offers a variety of group-rate travel opportunities throughout the year. It’s an excellent way to visit the city, take in the sights or maybe check off some items on your bucket list.

Activity Level Ratings

Each trip is assigned an Activity Level. Please use this rating system to determine if you are physically able to participate in a trip.

  • MINIMAL — Trip requires very little walking and standing. An example would include going to see a play and stopping for lunch.
  • MODERATE —Trip requires the ability to walk up to one mile, climb up to 10 steps, and stand for up to 30 minutes. Some seating available, but not guaranteed.
  • HIGH — Trip requires the ability to walk at least two miles or more, stand for up to one hour, and have no trouble climbing steps. Examples of the level include shopping, multi-day trips and craft fairs. All multi-day trips will be rated high.


All trips are announced in the mailed Second Act newsletter and at with a listed “REGISTRATION CALL DATE.” 

Complete reservations by calling 877.480.4040 promptly at 9:00 a.m. on the call date and leaving a voice message. Be sure to leave your NAME, PHONE NUMBER, and HOW MANY traveling (max of for reservations per person). Space is limited and trips fill rather quickly. This phone message is your first-come/first-serve reservation.

We typically return phone calls within 24 hours, so please keep your telephones handy.


Full payment is due at time of reservation.

Credit cards are preferred. However, we will accept check or cash within 48 hours of reservation. 


Each trip has a cancellation deadline. If cancelling before the deadline, you will be refunded in full. Should you cancel after the deadline, refunds will be issued ONLY if you find someone to replace you or we find a replacement. If cancelling the day before a trip, refunds will only be issued if YOU find a replacement.

Special Needs

It is your responsibility to notify our office at least two weeks prior to the cancellation deadlineif you require special accommodations to allow you to participate. After appropriate notification, all reasonable efforts will be made by the program manager to accommodate your needs.

Travel Policy

Please note that participation in trips and/or activities may involve physical injury, illness, death or property loss, and despite safety precautions, SIH Second Act cannot guarantee safety thereof, as all risks cannot be prevented. SIH Second Act does not provide health and accident insurance for trip and/or activity participants and each participant should understand that any medical expenses, property loss or other personal expenditures that result from this travel, are borne by the participant. Each participant, by registering and participating in the trip, hereby consents and gives authorization to the trip leaders to secure any emergency medical treatment in the event that the participant is unable to and the participant agrees to be responsible for the costs thereof.

In consideration of the opportunity afforded, with full knowledge and acceptance of the risks associated with trip/travel and other travel activities and with full understanding of the above issues/conditions, each participant, by attending the trip/travel, hereby agrees to release, indemnify and hold harmless SIH Second Act, its employees, officers, trustees and agents from all form and manner of risks inherent in such travel, and from all claims and demands of any nature arising from participation in said trip and/or activity.