We offer a specialized program that provides comprehensive evaluation, diagnosis and treatment of vascular (vessel) diseases that occur outside the heart.

Your veins and arteries travel throughout the body, so diseases of these vessels can affect many other systems. Our vascular specialists provide you with a better understanding of the vascular disease process. They also work together with your physician for more accurate diagnosis, treatment and management of the disease.

Our services

From treating blood clots to painful varicose veins, to helping you manage clogged arteries or venous insufficiency, here’s a look at the medical treatments we offer:

Aortic aneurysms (thoracic and abdominal)

If an aneurysm is found, further testing helps to measure its size and how fast it is growing. If the aneurysm is small, your cardiologist may recommend careful monitoring, along with a treatment plan for reducing your rupture risk. However, if the aneurysm is bigger, your cardiologist might want to repair or remove it with surgery.

Peripheral Arterial Disease

The overall goals of treating PAD include: reducing symptoms, improving quality of life and preventing complications. Treatment is based on your signs and symptoms, risk factors and results from a physical exam and tests. Typically, the disease can be treated by making long-lasting lifestyle changes, taking medicine or a minimally invasive surgical procedure.

Carotid Artery Disease

Treatment often includes making long-lasting lifestyle changes to reduce the risk of blood clot formation. In addition, your physician might prescribe medicine to treat high cholesterol levels or prescribe medicine to prevent blood clots from forming. However, it’s possible your physician might want to treat the disease with surgery or a procedure.