When a heart attack strikes, it’s a race against time. Experts agree: Treatment within the first 90 minutes of a heart event is essential. In a region as vast and rural as Southern Illinois, we want to make sure you’re getting treatment as fast as possible, just like you would if you lived in a big city.

To close the gap between diagnosis and treatment, Prairie STAT Heart was born. This coordinated program was created by SIH Memorial Hospital of Carbondale and medical staff at area community hospitals throughout Southern Illinois.

The program focuses on streamlining emergency care in rural communities. That means that just one call from a community hospital sets in motion several doctors, nurses, technicians and first responders who will be ready to care for you when you arrive at our hospital. If you’re having a heart attack, The Prairie STAT Heart program will get you from an ER to SIH Memorial Hospital of Carbondale for proper treatment within 90 minutes.