DOT physicals

Under federal law, drivers of commercial motor vehicles must have an annual physical exam completed in order to determine that there are no health risk factors that would inhibit the driver’s ability to operate the vehicle in a safe manner. SIH providers are trained to understand the federal regulations in order to ensure that we are putting safe drivers on the road, while not allowing drivers to be inappropriately disqualified. If you are an employer that utilizes commercial vehicles, you must have drivers with a valid DOT card in order to comply with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration.

Pre-employment medical physicals

Work Care offers ADA compliant pre-employment medical examinations. A basic pre-employment physical consists of a physical exam, vision screening, vital check and medical history. A medical physical is the first step in the employment testing process and allows the provider to clear the employee for further physical agility testing to be performed in the event that there are no major health concerns that require further medical examination.