Nearly 80 first year medical students got the chance to connect with doctors to get a glimpse at future careers in medical specialties.

SIH teamed up with the SIU School of Medicine for the unique event on April 20 at the Carbondale Civic Center.

40 providers from 35 different specialties were on hand to answer questions and offer advice to the students.

Dr. Kelli Webb has been working to grow academic partnerships for SIH. She says events like this are very important.

“We wanted to provide medical students an opportunity early in their training to connect with physicians from various backgrounds & specialties to discuss their training path, tips for success, work/life balance & more. These physicians know exactly what the medical students are going through. We know about the crazy schedules, the long nights, the stress, and how long the road seems ahead of you,” Dr. Webb said.

Shaping Future Providers

She hopes the students will remember how life and career changing an event like this can be once they become physicians.

“It's an added benefit for local medical students to see how great it would be to come back home and practice in Southern Illinois. We also wanted to acknowledge and thank all the physicians who volunteer their time throughout the year to work with students from our region. We know physicians are busy and have many other things going on at work and home, so we wanted to do something special to let them know that they’re appreciated and make a difference – for these students & for our region, “ Dr. Webb said.

The SIH doctors who took part in the event
Dr. Oluwatosin Aluko - Emergency Medicine
Dr. Anne Bacal - Endocrinology
Dr. Priyanka Baweja - Psychiatry
Dr. Dennon Davis - Family Practice
Dr. JT Davis - Orthopedic Surgery
Dr. Craig Davis - Internal Medicine
Dr. Lana Galan - Anesthesiology
Dr. Terrence Glennon - Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation
Dr. Sahil Gupta - Pain Management
Dr. Joseph Haake - Emergency Medicine
Dr. Lance Hale - General Surgery
Dr. Junaid Haroon - Cardiothoracic Surgery
Dr. Jonatan Hornik - Neurology
Dr. Salim Hosein - Bariatric Surgery
Dr. Brahm Jyot - General Surgery
Dr. Tandy Korte - Pediatrics
Dr. Mark Korte - Family Medicine
Dr. Tennyson Lee - PM&R - Interventional Spine
Dr. Jeff Lehman - Allergy/Immunology
Dr. Hal Lewis - Dermatology
Dr. Michael Little - Radiation Oncology
Dr. David Mann - Otolaryngology - head & neck surgery
Dr. Amar Mukerji - Colon and Rectal Surgery
Dr. Amanda Mulch - Ob/Gyn
Dr. Michael Muzinich - Radiology
Dr. Shanaree Muzinich - Radiology
Dr. Abdelhameed Nawwar - Infectious Disease
Dr. Jeffrey Parks - Family Medicine
Dr. Naeem Qureshi - Psychiatry
Dr. Hammad Shafqat - Hematology Oncology
Dr. Sonal Shah - Hospitalist
Dr. Ryan Stock - Anesthesiology
Dr. Kelli Webb - Plastic Surgery
Dr. Matt Winkleman - Family Medicine
Dr. Motaz Wraikat - Wound Care and Hyperbaric Medicine
Dr. Gurpreet Bambra - Pulmonology
Dr. Sarah Altamimi - Infectious Disease
Dr. George Ortiz - Ophthamology
Dr. Gar Kenny - Anesthesiology
Dr. Chaitu Cherukuri - Interventional Cardiology
Dr. Cesar Coello - Cardiology