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Second Act: Craft: Burlap Poinsettia Wreath

Second Act
Online Events
Nov 30
Online Event
02:00 PM -03:00 PM

Let'`s get back to crafting! Join me for a virtual craft class to learn to make a poinsettia wreath. How it will work. Collect your supplies by the event date. Sign up for the event through our website and learn how to make the wreath!

Supplies list:

1. 10 inches or smaller wreath Frame

2. Green Poly Burlap Mesh 10 inch (one roll)

3. Red Poly Burlap Mesh 10 inch (will need about three roles)

4. 8 inches zip ties (50)

5. Thin Wire

6. Tree ornaments (6 small)

7. Felt (big enough to cover the backside of wreath frame)

8. Plastic Canvas Mesh 9.31 inch circle (1)

9. Scissors

10. Wirecutter (if you have them)


Kayla Lazorchak,

SIH Communications Coordinator

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