We specialize in assisting companies navigate the challenges surrounding workers’ compensation cases. Whether it’s determining when an injury from work occurred to when an employee can return to work, our goal is to provide employees with the tools and care needed to return to work quickly and safely.

We work with companies to reduce work compensation costs, monitor the company’s DART rate (Days Away Restricted or Transferred) and coordinate/communicate with all medical providers to assist with obtaining an employee’s medical care and services.

Our injury management program can minimize litigation, as well as increase employee morale by encouraging valued employees to return to work as soon as they are physically able. Here’s a look at what we offer:

  • Workers’ compensation injury evaluations: This is an evaluation of the injured worker that extends beyond diagnosis and treatment of the injury. We examine the patient’s medical history, occupational history and functional capabilities.
  • Return-to-work monitoring: Our providers work closely with employers to keep them informed of any changes in the employee’s restrictions and/or capabilities.
  • Transitional duty/light duty/return-to-work program: Transitional work uses the work environment and work tasks as a form of rehabilitation after an employee has experienced a work comp injury.