Post Offer Employment Testing (POET)

Pre-employment and Post Offer Testing establishes the employee’s ability to perform the physical job demands and complete the essential functions of the job, which are determined by an onsite Job Demand Analysis. This data can then be used in the event of an injury to determine permanent or partial disability levels.

This test is designed to be administered after a formal job offer has been made by the employer. The employee must be able to perform the essential functions of the job they were hired to do. The implementation of Post Offer Testing can help with the reduction of work comp claims by identifying employees who are considered “at-risk” before job placement.

Fit for Duty Testing

Before returning to duty from any non-work related or work-related illness or injury, this testing determines the employee’s ability to handle the physical demands of the job. Fit for Duty Testing is developed from the data collected in the Job Demand Analysis, which establishes baseline data for essential functions of a job.

By performing a Fit for Duty Test, you can be confident that your employee can perform the essential functions of the job upon returning to work after an injury or medical leave of absence. Fit for Duty testing has been proven to decrease turnover and its associated costs.