What’s New at SIH

5 Advantages to the new Hybrid Operating Room

February 11th, 2016:

The current expansion at Memorial Hospital of Carbondale features a revolutionary trend in surgical services, the hybrid operating room. Here are five reasons why it’s so monumental. 1. Patient safety. Because everything happens in one room, any complications or emergencies can be handled immediately and in one spot without causing further complications or putting the… Read more

Screening Mammography Recommendations

February 4th, 2016:

With the changes and differing views on how often screening mammography should be performed what you need to know is that mammography screening is no longer a cookie cutter approach, but it’s still affordable and there have been no changes in insurance coverage. The Coverage: In December, congressional passage of a new bill, the Consolidate… Read more

Cuddler Program

January 28th, 2016:

By now, many of you have read the heartwarming story in the December 26, 2015, issue of the Southern Illinoisan newspaper, where we shared the rebirth of our “Cuddler” program at Memorial Hospital of Carbondale. (Click here for link to the original article.) This lone article and social media shares resulted in over 900 calls… Read more