SIH Heart and Vascular Services Awards

Comprehensive. Collaborative. Caring.

Those are the qualities you’ll find as a patient if you need cardiovascular care. We offer a broad selection of services that can take you through consultation, testing, procedure and follow-up. Our team members will help make sure you’re getting the care and attention you deserve. In fact, we have several specialists on-call, 24/7 to help answer any of your questions or concerns.

Start Here. Stay Here.

SIH Prairie Heart Institute offers nationally recognized heart attack care, consistently ranked among only 220 other programs in the United States for 11 consecutive years. The depth and breadth of services includes a cardiothoracic surgical team offering open heart surgery and other complex procedures in tandem with interventional cardiologists in a state-of-the-art hybrid operating room at SIH Memorial Hospital of Carbondale.

At SIH Prairie Heart Institute quality is more than a buzz word. It’s formal recognition from nationally respected governing bodies and peer organizations reflective of positive outcomes and survival rates. SIH Prairie Heart Institute reports patient outcomes to several third-party registries for cardiology and cardiac surgery procedures in an effort to not only document, but also continually improve the care we provide.”

This is reflected in the national honors we hold through the American Heart Association and American College of Cardiology.

High Quality Care

SIH is committed to delivering high-quality heart care. This quality is based on a combination of highly skilled doctors, nurses, technologists and other health care providers; state-of-the-art facilities and technology; and a commitment to delivering the right care, to the right patient, at the right time.

Quality is a reflection of how well we take care of patients. And this is measured by recording and reviewing patient outcomes, which simply means the results of a treatment or surgery. We report our patient outcomes to a number of third-party registries for both cardiology and cardiac surgery procedures, sharing our data in an effort to not only document, but also continually improve the care we provide.

Comprehensive Services

SIH Prairie Heart Institute is the largest provider of heart and vascular care in Southern Illinois, offering testing, diagnostic and interventional procedures, surgery and follow up to keep you and your loved ones close to home.

Collaborative Team

SIH Prairie Heart Institute encompasses SIH cardiothoracic surgeons, cardiologists, interventional cardiologists, electrophysiologists, nurses, technologists and other highly skilled health care professionals. Our goal is a fastidious focus on the best interests of the patient. Coordination of care across all disciplines has been shown to provide the best outcomes.